Tumalo Industries

Inspired By Our Roots

Tumalo Industries shares a name with a mountain, creek, waterfall and a small town in Central Oregon.
Tumalo, Oregon is also where our 16 acre farm is located.  This sense of place and community informs every aspect of our practices.  
Tumalo Industries is a subsidiary of GrowCore Investments.
Our portfolio of farms, dispensaries, and manufacturing facilities is carefully curated to build a reputation for excellence.  

Tumalo Retail

We own and operate two of Bend, Oregon’s most respected cannabis dispensaries: Doctor Jolly’s and The Herb Center.

Tumalo Products

Our farms and manufacturing facilities create products that people line up for. They’re sold all over the state of Oregon.

We cross a deep respect for the state’s cannabis heritage with an innovative mindset that will grow throughout Oregon—and beyond.

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