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Dr. Jolly's

Dr. Jolly’s is a craft cannabis brand based in Oregon. It was founded by Ben “Jolly” Hebert in 2013. His cultivation and extraction skills have earned the kind of reputation that makes fans line up early for new releases. Even when it’s snowing. 

The secret sauce is nerdy obsession. Ben and his team are dedicated to finding and developing new strains, perfecting organic no-till cultivation, and inventing new extraction methods that preserve terpenes. 

They’ve also managed to keep things fun. The brand’s vibe resonates with people who love Central Oregon and its cannabis scene. It’s not uncommon to see cool folks out and about in “Stay Jolly” gear. 

The Dr. Jolly’s dispensary in Bend has friendly service and a tremendous selection. Their products are also available at dispensaries statewide.

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